The Heroes Behind the Masks program launched in October 2020 with a call for nurses to share their stories for an opportunity to be featured in the digital content series. More than 1,750 nurses from across the country shared stories about their inspiration for entering the field, the challenges faced during their career and their hopes for the future of nursing. To honor all nurses and help inspire others, we are excited to share four of these stories through our Heroes Behind the Masks series.

Discover the story of Alexandra Flamm, a traveling critical care nurse. Meet Alexandra, whose passion for critical care helped her survive, thrive and help countless others across the country during the pandemic.

Discover the story of Tenesia Richards, a labor and delivery nurse. Tenesia shares why she loves the night shift, and how COVID shifted and strengthened her personal and philanthropic focus.

Discover the story of Temwa Mzumara, a nurse anesthetist. Temwa channeled her personal experience to connect with COVID patients and others in need to give them the hope and support they so desperately needed.
Discover the story of Nicole Abate, a medical surgical registered nurse. Nicole describes the calm before the storm—and how she became devoted to keeping families connected during her COVID patients’ final moments.
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